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The Lifetime Library is a comprehensive curriculum covering basic reading, writing, and math, providing hundreds of hours of multimedia instruction. Every student receives the full benefit of the instruction because the courseware accommodates a range of learning styles and skill levels.

The Library is an excellent choice for any student, whether he needs instruction at his current grade level, enrichment, or remediation. The Library provides the flexibility for every student to learn - no matter how diverse the cultural and economic background of the student population. Traditional educational systems work well for many, but there are always students left behind - those who have difficulty mastering the necessary skills in the time frame required. Other students need to be challenged with new and exciting concepts that push them to their limits.

All learners profit from flexible multimedia instruction - with concepts accessible through video, audio, photographs, and the written word. Students always benefit from courseware that provides instruction at the time, place, and pace that fits their needs. The Library brings together the layers of information, the opportunities for remediation, and the flexibility that these learners require.

There are many ways the Lifetime Library can enrich students' lives. Here are just a few examples:

  • Remediation An administrator discovers some of her students in the 10th grade language arts class have only an 8th grade level of reading skills. The Library provides these students with an excellent opportunity for remediation by presenting straightforward, simple reading tasks using short, simple documents commonly found in day-to-day life. As the courseware progresses, so does the complexity of the reading selections and the lessons. Students learn new skills and continue moving closer to grade level instruction. They're motivated by the experience of success.

  • On Target Instruction The majority of another class is at the 8th grade level for math skills. The teacher uses the Lifetime Library to strengthen the skills of individuals while continuing the classroom instruction. Those students requiring additional help can spend time on their own mastering the concepts that were introduced in the classroom instruction, without requiring more classroom time for the concepts.

  • Enrichment The administrator has 18 students in an Algebra class, but a couple of the students aren't challenged. Using the Lifetime Library, the administrator is able to maintain the slower learning pace of the class as a whole, but challenge the more advanced students by allowing them to move through the Library curriculum at their own accelerated pace.

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