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Totally Revolutionary Educational Software
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The Lifetime Library is a comprehensive curriculum of reading, writing and mathematics. Available for the first time over the Internet, this award-winning educational software really teaches. Just like working with a private tutor, your child receives the help and guidance he or she needs, but at a tiny fraction of the cost.   
The Library is effective instruction
     The Library is built around full motion video of nationally recognized teachers.
  The core skills needed to succeed in life are provided.
The Library is a personal tutor
  Students work at their own pace. Comprehensive placement tests help the student quickly find where to start.
  Dozens of fully worked out examples are available for each topic. No more guessing how the problem is solved.
The Library builds self-esteem
     The Library provides many opportunities to experience success. Complete records measure day-to-day progress.
  The Library builds on student's strengths to remediate weaker areas.
The Library simplifies your life
  Available over the Internet, the Library can be used anywhere.
  The Library is incredibly easy to use. The student concentrates on learning, not running the software.

    The Lifetime Library for one student

Plus shipping and handling.

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